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Valve’s Steam Deck Now Allows Windows Installation

ByLinda W. Smith

Mar 11, 2022

Valve has formalized the drivers needed to install Windows on Steam Deck. Valve’s new device, a computer in the form of a handheld console, will arrive pre-configured with SteamOS. However, in addition to this optimized operating system, it will also be possible to install other third-party operating systems. Windows was one of the main demands and no obstacles will be put in place to achieve the best possible performance.

Steam Deck offers dual boot to choose an operating system

The nature of dual booting has existed in many portable devices for years, giving the device versatility for different uses or preferences. In this case, Steam Deck was not released with this feature, but dual boot will come later.

“At this time, you can only perform a full Windows installation. While Steam Deck is fully capable of dual-booting, the SteamOS installer that provides a dual-boot wizard is not yet ready” , mentions Valve.

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Steam Deck welcomes Windows slowly: step by step

The community will be the ones to lighten these steps and as announced recently, it is already possible to install Windows 10. In the future, installing Windows 11 would require a new fTPM compatible BIOS, which will take some time. Valve and AMD are already working on this possibility.

It should also be noted that the audio driver is not ready at this time. This means that if we install Windows on Steam Deck, the speakers and audio output via 3.5mm jack will not provide any sound. The only alternative is to resort to Bluetooth or USB-C protocol until the appropriate driver is released.

Steam Deck’s integration with Windows won’t be complete overnight. It is a device whose community will grow and evolve over time, although Valve provides all the tools necessary to facilitate this horizon of possibilities.

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