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Wind power – New offshore installation vessel ?Orion? officially joins the DEME fleet

ByLinda W. Smith

May 3, 2022

A christening ceremony for the new ship was celebrated by Mrs. Amélie Michel, wife of Mr. Charles Michel, President of the European Council, wishing “Orion” and the crew a safe and successful career in the fleet.

‘Orion’ is equipped with a powerful 5,000 ton crane and is designed to handle the huge turbines and foundations of the future. With a total installed power of 44,180 kW and a length of 216.5 meters, the vessel has a large clear deck and a maximized deadweight to be able to handle the heaviest components.

“Orion is a remarkable vessel, showcasing our marine engineering prowess and our ability to be a pioneer so that we can support our customers in all their endeavors,” said Luc Vandenbulcke, CEO of DEME Group. “This vessel heralds a new era in the offshore energy industry – an era that will be dominated by multi-megawatt turbines, jackets and components. The combination of unique technology, carrying capacity and of greater lifting heights will enable “Orion” to play an important role in helping the industry successfully navigate the energy transition. But above all, this special vessel shows the achievements of the people of DEME. Their creativity and innovative thinking have led to its creation. They continually demonstrate their ability to anticipate the needs of our customers and ensure that we have the best solution ready for their projects. I would like to personally thank Ms. Michel for being the godmother of Orion and for join us today on this wonderful occasion, which is certainly a milestone in our history.

To enable the new installation vessel to handle future generations of giant turbines and foundations, ‘Orion’ is also fitted with an integrated Motion Compensated Pile Gripper (MCPG), which was designed by the expert engineers of DEME and Huisman. Coupled with the vessel’s DP3 capability, the MCPG allows the monopiles to remain vertical and stable when installed in the seabed, despite waves and vessel movement, and most importantly, to be installed without the use of mooring anchors.

By combining these engineering technologies and the ability to transport the giant new turbines, liners and components in a single shipment, “Orion” will dramatically accelerate installation times, making the vessel an extremely cost-effective solution for fleet developers. wind turbines.

Durability considerations are also a critical part of vessel design. “Orion” is equipped with dual fuel engines allowing it to run on LNG or alternative clean fuels, a Green Passport and Clean Design rating. Another environmental innovation is a waste heat recovery system that converts heat from exhaust gases into electrical energy. The evaporation of the LNG also makes it possible to cool the accommodation thanks to a cold recovery system.

“Orion” will soon set sail for its first project in Germany, where XL foundations will be installed at the Arcadis Ost 1 offshore wind farm. This will be followed by a decommissioning project in the UK. “Orion” will also be deployed for the installation of 176 foundations at the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Farm in the United States, one of the largest offshore wind developments in the world.

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