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Woman sues charter cruise line after alleged fall on Gold Coast super yacht Atlantic Princess

ByLinda W. Smith

Jun 1, 2022

A Logan woman is suing a charter cruise line for $750,000 after allegedly fracturing her foot while aboard a luxury super yacht on the Gold Coast.

Earlier this year Charmaine Yvonne Thring, 50, filed a lawsuit in Southport District Court against charter company Leisure Cruising Pty Ltd.

In her statement, Ms Thring alleged she was injured on September 2, 2019 while on the Atlantic Princess – a luxury yacht which left Mariners Cove Marina on the Gold Coast.

Ms Thring claimed she was on board the Atlantic Princess when she ‘went from the aft deck to the ship’s salon’ and stepped on the metal rod of a vacuum cleaner.

Surgery required

She said she “lost her footing and fell to the ground”, which left her fractured left foot and injured her knee, which required surgery.

The statement said the injury had left Ms Thring with ‘unsightly scarring’ and she had developed ‘adjustment disorder and generalized anxiety disorder with panic attacks’.

She also claimed that her sleep had been “diminished and disrupted” and that “her ability in many of her previous activities had been diminished and impaired or completely lost”.

The Atlantic Princess.(Source: LinkedIn )

The statement said the vacuum cleaner had been left on the ground and the boating company had been negligent when it failed to store it in a location that “would not present a hazard to the passage of pedestrians around the ship”.

Of the $750,000, Ms Thring is seeking more than $80,000 in damages for scarring and mental anguish.

She is asking a court to order more than $250,000 for future economic loss and more than $50,000 for future aid.

In its defense filed, Leisure Cruising said the vessel was a 23.91 meter cruiser built in 1992, which had six cabins and 14 berths.

It was used for private groups for cruises, game fishing, private functions and celebrations, according to defense documents.

Defense says woman familiar with boat

Court documents claimed the ship was at rest on the date of the alleged crash and the only people on board were Ms Thring and two other people, John and Mario Zacaropoulos.

Leisure Cruising also claimed that the vacuum cleaner had been placed on the living room floor next to two stools and had not been moved.

A laptop was allegedly involved in a fall

They said Ms Thring was carrying a laptop at the time of her fall.

“As she walked from the aft deck to the living room, the plaintiff was using her laptop and staring at her screen,” the defense said.

Leisure Cruising said in the papers they were not responsible for injuries as Ms Thring had to exercise due diligence for her own safety when entering the yacht.

In response, Ms Thring said the vacuum cleaner was not in an obvious place.

Contacted by ABC Gold Coast, lawyers for Ms Thring and Leisure Cruising declined to comment.

A hearing date has not yet been set.

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