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Xbox app on Windows rolling out new game install/modify features

ByLinda W. Smith

Mar 3, 2022

The Microsoft Store (formerly known as Windows Store) received a lot of criticism during the Windows 10 era because it lacked some of the features that were common in other app installers and game launchers. Many of these complaints also concerned the Xbox app, an additional component used for access to Xbox Game Pass and other features. Microsoft has completely revamped the Store for Windows 11, and now the company is rolling out some useful improvements for the Store and the Xbox PC app.

Microsoft is currently rolling out three important features for the Xbox app on PC – you can now choose where your games are installed, you can access files to “select games” and more games can be edited. These are all features that have always been available for games and apps installed outside of the Microsoft Store or the Xbox app. You can also move game files without redownloading and reinstalling them, which usually requires digging into folders with popular gaming platforms like Steam, in order for Microsoft to get brownie points there.


These features were already available to Xbox Insiders, but starting last Tuesday, Microsoft is rolling them out to everyone. Now that the Xbox app will be closer to the functionality of other game stores/launchers, Xbox Game Pass on PC is apparently a better deal than ever, especially as long as it stays at the current price of $9.99 per month.

Microsoft also revealed several games coming to Xbox Game Pass in the same announcement. Far: Changing the Tides is now available, with Kentucky Route Zero and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy both arrive March 10. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers also receive exclusive items for EA Sports UFC 4 on consoles and Infinite Halo on all platforms. Four games are also leaving Game Pass on March 15: To deny: automata, Whores!, Torchlight IIIand Surge 2.

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